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For those interested in unusual bookshelves
For those interested in unusual people
A collection of Milk magazine interiors photosets
For those in search of kitchen ideas
Home of a shoe designer
Beautiful photography at Studio Nord
Open floor plan living seems a bit cluttered
This luxury hotel was once a coastal defense fort
Coffee shop in Capetown, SA has style
In Australia, Orchard Keepers
In Rotterdamn, a rooftop garden
Pop-up shop within beautiful decay
At home with Cuzor and Pointer
Tiny house Skyeia
Does old and new every get old? Discuss amongst yourselves.
Photography by Mark Bolton
Photography by Jordi Huisman
Lovely Life has a collection of home visits
If summer has you missing dark colors, here you go
Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
LIke no barn you've seen. More information here.
VK Stock images to inspire
Photography by Joanna Henderson
Ontario bungalow befire and after
I don't remember the Farrah/Cheryl war
Why do we love stories like this?
Lots of Onassis yacht photos
South Africa: dairy becomes a home
French decor. Happy Bastille Day!
Cement factory becomes an office
Love shack, Pinerest style
Make it yourself: Colorful old-tire planter
Architecture with the kids in mind
Photography by Margriet Hoekstra
Interesting use for old doors, but you might get seasick
For gardeners: Greenfingers portfolio
Nice shop styling: We Took to the Woods
Photographer Alice Gao
Reusing stone and brick: not as easy as you think
Found a website: The Socialite Family
Makeovers for old baby cribs
A Danish garden store with great photography
A roundup of farm-related blogs
No longer a secret. Photos from the early days of Oakridge, TN
Unbelievable floral photography from Lisa A Frank
Everything is better with crochet
Singulares magazine, English version
Historical B-and-B in Antwerp
Historical B-and-B in Margate
The work of Adrian Briscoe
Photography by Arjan Benning
Lots of color and an interesting floor plan
Design by double g
A little chartreuse makes it work
Adding to Le Corbusier's work. The outside shelves are a great idea.
Nice views. Wedlick's home
Interior photography via Verne
Images by Claire Basler
For no reason except it is fun: Maddie on Things
We don't sell beautiful floor tiles, but we sell the stuff to go on top of them
Bookmark them all: Designer cheat sheets
Good for a car lover, we suppose
Completely faked images, beautiful anyway
Justina Blakeney's pinterest board devoted to her home
Former hat factory, now a home
How Scandinavian children live: Lille Nord. Don't miss the tent.
Odd buildings as restaurants
For those with a tiny bit of drag-drop skills: Google image search for style searchers
Interview with Dwell photographer Matthew Williams
And now for something completely different
Modern home in Atlanta
The work of Stella Nicolaisen
Interior photography by Kristofer Johnson
National Kitchen and Bathroom association design entries: Pinterest board
Dutch designers, at home
Corrado di Byaze's home
No-step mid-century ranch house for sale in Scarsdale, NY
Sonoma Weekend Retreat, not prefab, either
Interior photography by David Ross
Hold onto your jaw!
Still lifes from Kate Mathis
Worth checking out: Oberto Gili's photographs, particularly interiors
Great photography from Line Klein
Nice photography, yet again: Elisabeth Heier
Photos and ideas from Nina
I, for one, could easily live here
Design and Form, collected up by Emma
Apartment Therapy's My Bedroom Retreat entries
A peak inside Hotel MIssoni Kuwait
Photography by Kristin Perers
Screen-filling photography by Bjorn Wallander
Home of a vintage lover in Falmouth, England, from Dwell
Scandinavian design, the pinterest board from Dwell
Jason Grant, interior stylist
In Switzerland, stay in a whitepod
Merchant Design surveys the world for interesting merchants
Photography by Mia at The Super Ordinary
The Telegraph's picks for best interior blogs
Chris Warnes, photographer
Check out the recent projects or spaces of Australian Atticus and Milo
Erico Navazo on Instagram
Photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes
Lots of variety in this apartment in Paris
At home with photographer Brian W. Ferry
More than 50 DIY bedroom projects from apartment therapy. Personal fav: go antique shopping.
Dezeen articles tagged as Japanese houses
Chalet du Golf for those that like living rough
Garden and Gun: Bohemian carriage house
A wedding in Denmark
Corbin Bernsen's home has lots of DIY and flea market finds
Home of de Monseignat and her sister, in London
Akatsuka's home, in France
A family decides to buy nothing new for a year. Antique shopping, anyone?
That is truly a lot of space to fill
Prewar apartment in Manhattan updated for family of five
Just for fun: some sustainable designs from the Las Vegas Market
Galician farmhouse becomes colorful
This is in Brooklyn? More images here.
Charleston, SC: Former school becomes luxury condos
Profile of the work of NZ designer Bridget Foley
How one couple spent Thanksgiving: doing a room makeover
Video of Cullen Meyer's retro kitsch wonderland
Interior photography by Jan Luijk, with navigation just below the photos
Midcentury modern churches. Yeah, me neither.
Inexplicabley random set of photos that are nice to scroll through
Visit the home of a London antique dealer
Life in forty square meters does not look so bad
The home of artist Nick Cave
A rustic home in Japan
All about building glittered putz houses. Don't throw out the cereal boxes.
If you love grays and have not visited Greige lately, you should!
Steal holiday decorating ideas here
Honestly. Reorganize your junk drawers with things you already have
Beautiful preview photos from an iPad book on Scandinavian decorating
Storage solutions from the flea market
Nice photos at Line Klein
Micro cottages decorated by Country Living editors
Tiny house but lots of personality
Lots and lots of black and white
New York churches from a very different perspective
Icelandic magazine Home and Delicious has tons of photos on their website
An apartment in Malmo
Six-story, 72-room, 35000-square-foot live work space in New York
Accidental doll-maker at home
Decorating rules for Neo-goth royalty in Brooklyn
Justina Blakeney on what is bohemian?
Modern in the great wide open of Ontario
Design sources to be found on Instagram
Beautiful place in New South Wales
Raume is a tumblr that you should bookmark
The work of Susanna Vento
Only safe for the avide 50s collector
Vacation home in Spain
Yet another home, this time in Sweden
Lots and lots of nice design and good photography on the Bodie and Fou website
Mieke Verbijlen's apartment photosets. Nice overview of his work here at designskool.
Attic penthouse for sale in Sweden for 2.17 million dollars
Hommemaker is a site about homemaking, decor, design, building for men.
Prepare your eyes. You have been warned.
Vanitas by James Hopkins
Larger photos with lots of ideas to steal at HelloKateBerry
Found a new blog called In My Own Style
Is tablescape a word?
Nice home in Sweden
Apartment Therapy's 2012 Room for Color contest is on
Another blog worth bookmarking: Our Vintage Home Love
Photography by Lina Ostling
Christopher Herwig's photography is excellent. Check it all out, but especially Soviet bus stops
Sheryl Crow's LA home is up for sale for $16 million
At home with designer James Rixner
Amanda Prior's interior photography
Greg and Lesa, at home
Philip Crangi, at home
Lots of blues and greens in the Santa Barbara design house
The history of Lucite
Styling by Marianne Cotterill. More here.
Buy a big shelving piece and then struggle to fill it cheaply.
A designer's home in Australia
From a hospital to a home in Iceland
Along the same lines as the story above, churches, schools, barns, etc. become homes
A shoe designer's apartment in Paris
Interior design by Kelly Harmon. Click Projects to see lots of photos.
Small apartment in Madrid
A summer house in Vejby, Denmark
Sean Yasher's live-work space
Pinterest board from Marrakesh
Tapestries. Lots and lots of them.
Romantic and bohemian in Brooklyn
Casa decorada has images from all over
Barn conversion by Josephine Gintzburger
Flickr Pool: Vintage collage art
Photography from all over by Mr. Waller
Click Portfolio at the bottom: House of Honey
Somehow, it works. That is some really wild wallpaper.
Dwell has a big slideshow showing all kinds of things. The first slide is best.
Something you never knew existed: Change packets.
Decor is all upcycled at this gorgeous restaurant
Residential photography by Mariko Reed
Lots of vintage TV lamps in a Massachusettes guest house
A colorful home in Madrid. Click the Galleria link on the left for a slideshow.
The Vintage Cabin blog might inspire you to go buy something vintage. Lots of cat and dog photos throughout the site.
Dwell lists their choices for top Pinterest design boards and adds a slideshow of even more
Chezerbey has an unusual nursery
Architect's place in Sao Paulo
Interesting fiber art over at the Brick House
Calming colors in this article on adding softness to your home
Cote de Texas hides the flatscreen, with lots of photos
Steal ideas from IKEA stylists
Online magazine Home and Delicious
Artist Hirona Matsuda at home
Porches Inn in Massachusetts, with slideshow
Huge collection of bohmeian homes from the Sisters Agency
A kitchen remodel described as grandma on acid. Also covered in this big kitchen remodel megapost
Apartment Therapy covers the best store blogs, so be prepared to waste hours and hours of time
In Marseilles, a house full of travel souvenirs
Lots of styles pull together in this French artists' home
Very, very midcentury
Lifestyle photography by Paul Massey
Essay and photos on creativity and the city
Found a site: Colour Field
Story behind the kitsch art of Vladimir Tretchikoff
An apartment with art everywhere
Tumblr Daily AROS covers architecture, interior design, art, etc.
Wild mix of styles and colors in this Mecha family home and in Anna and Paul's home
Interview with the blogger behind The Brick House
Chadwell Chronicles is a home renovation blog that is no longer updated but still worth your time. Check out the dog shower!
Vintage decor in Australia
Interior photography by Rachel Whiting
Household junk becomes garden decor
Colorful home on an island in Washington
Photography by Martin Cederblad
Hans Blomquist photography
For a change of pace, blogs about gardening, cooking, plants: 66 square feet and blogging from Blackpitts Garden
Fantastic Frank is a real estate site in Stockhold and this is their tumblr
Stage Beauty is a site devoted to the ladies of English theatre
Remodelista reviews Marakesh by Design
Home with Charles Krewson
Photography of Kristin Sjaarda. More here.
Interior (and other) photography by Sharyn Cairns in Australia
Historical color/paint expert Patrick Baty has a blog full of information and stories
Before and after photos of an Atlanta loft
Office Snapshots is just that. Of particular interest for some: offices at Pinterest HQ in Palo Alto
Trend followers need to know about exotic fusion
Photographer Idhal Lindhag has a personal website now
Old file cabinets can become modern planters with paint and wheels
Interior photography from Jonas Ingerstedt
Apartment of Evelyn Lee
Before and after: Sydney ranch house
Found a new blog from graphic designer Diana in Cape Town: Miss Moss
Vacation home on one of the Magdalen Islands
Fifty chairs found abandoned on the streets of New York City, salvaged, repaired, and for sale
Interior design by Tim Clarke
Tumblr devoted to old chrome on old cars
Flickr photoset of old signs
Home visit with Bettina Prentice
Jeannette Lunde has a blog called By Fryd. On the right, under My Work, you can check out her ezine and other things.
Lots of mud pie kitchens to steal ideas from
Remember Full House? Inside a painted lady
Interior photography by Prue Ruscoe, Part I and Part II
Super luxurious 1969 Airstream
Mixing old and new. Photography of Eugeni Pons. His website is here.
Vintage Black Glamour has too much great stuff to point out any one thing. Just browse.
Moon to Moon collects images of bohemian interiors
Hamburg, Germany, home of Irina Graewe
Lots of color in Paris
Colorful design by Barrie Benson
Interior photos of a home for sale in Stockholm
An Afternoon with goes inside people's homes
Emily Henderson on her lake house project
Evolution of a living space in Stalking the Wheats Part III
In Spain, Baluster House
Wooden hangers become jewelry holders
StyleMadeSimple's flickr sets contain images from all sorts of home magazines
Design Sponge talks about Roger Davies. This is his photography site.
Newly-discovered blog Etxekodeco covers doors in this post but check out the entire site
Slideshow of treehouses in Whistler, BC
Small but very cool
Not as small but cool in Paris
Casita is one of Barbara Hill's designs. Click photos to advance through the set.
Boxes everywhere in the box house in Florence
Rustic beach house in Brazil
Jade Jagger's house in India
Beautiful garden on a rooftop in New York City
A home in London
Thatched roof outside, awesome inside in Belgium
Lush interiors by Penelope Bianchi. Bianchi has a blog, too.
House on a marsh in the Czech Republic
Country home in Portugal
Nice set of pastel photos from all over
Southern Living magazine covers Karina Gentinetta and her home in New Orleans
In Paris, heirlooms and irreverance are nicely mixed. Slideshow link has more photos.
In Italy, a village hotel
Kevin Sharkey reviews Bringing Nature Home
Danish minimalism. Looks like it would be easy to clean that place.
Things are different now. Exotic dancers of the 1890s.
Country home, in London.
An blurb about color theory; enjoy the nice photos
Old repair garage becomes living space
Poem Bat Soilik collects a lot of nice, colorful stuff to look over
Husky Ranch is the home of Grace Hsiu and, yes, there are huskies there
Unusual home of a family of collectors and exhibitors
New York style in a place north of Copenhagen
Photography of Martin Lof
A tumblr devoted to car interiors
For bookmarking: Decorno
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a search page now. Just one example.
One mid-century home gets a makeover
The New York Times has a tumblr for their old photos, updated regularly. Bookmark it. Want to see Joe Namath in fur?
Old Rags is a tumblr devoted to clothing of any and all eras.
Topsy Design has two portfolio photosets worth your time
Highly colorful in Australia. Somewhere else, also colorful.
Classy photography by Jake Curtis
Vintage ads by Coles Phillips
Autoliterate is a blog that combines good writing with photos of old trucks
The Brick House visits Morrison Hair studio in Laguna Beach.
Photos of Sunset Strip billboards in 1974-75
National coverage for Birmingham venue Bottletree
The home of Ylava Skarp, in Sweden
A study of the entranceways to big old houses
Interior photography by Bieke Claessens
The home of Charlotte Rust in Auckland, New Zealand
The Diana camera, with more information here
A collector's apartment in Brooklyn
Interior photography by Damian Russell
Interior photography by Keith Scott Morton
Inspiration photography from a real estate brokerage in Sweden
Warmer shade of gray in Westport, Connecticut
Colorful bungalow in Echo Park in Los Angeles
Worth bookmarking: bbb3viz
Rustic interiors from all over
Ornate in Budapest and only $33 million
A huge collection of vintage advertising
Cool old trucks with great graphics. Links on the left lead to all kinds of old images.
From France, photo blog Le Dans La
A church for all in China
In Brisbane, Kara Rosenlund styles and takes photos. Visit all the links at the top to see it all.
Country and city portfolios from Broder Frauenglass Interiors in NYC
Pepper Place covered in Preservation Magazine
Just a few examples from Justina Blakeney's fabulous blog
Yet another just-discovered home design blog: Kelly Waters, Halcyon Days
Click on any name and then see photos of artists in their studios if you are into that sort of thing
Refined portfolio of designer Gregory Mellor (can be a bit slow to load from the southern hemisphere)
Wood old house in Japan
Baixa House in Lisbon. Love that folding door.
You can spend some time looking at houses around the world in the Living Agency portfolio
Extremely colorful photos of Kutch
The home of photographer Magnus Reed
Do you remember the fad of Elvis haircuts for young women in the 1950s? Me neither.
Digital library that looks cozy but not look very digital
Photography by David Prince
Snoop in the portfolio of Viscusi Elson Interior Design
Cozy place in Sofia, Bulgaria
Close to the Acropolis but sleek and modern
A little bit about pink lustreware
Ochre, from Ditte Isager
Steve Soria's handcrafted home in the southwest
Not to be missed: The home of Miss Clara (translation). Photos only here, with links to her website at the bottom.
Old bomber jackets, worn by real bombers
Nice bedroom survey, but that last one with the gold baby is a little creepy
Remembering photographer Eve Arnold
Dezeen's 2011 review
Apartment Therapy's 10 most popular posts of 2011
Build your gutter garden now so you will be ready for spring
Holiday at this igloo village in Lapland
I am glad we don't do things this way any more
Unusual and beautiful photos curated here at Triangle Triangle
Christmas tree made of hub caps, from a blog named Dudecraft! Related: Beer Can Christmas Tree.
Series on the Top Ten Design Elements is underway. Great photos from everywhere.
Roses and Rust is a photo blog from South Africa
The Breakfast at Tiffany's townhouse? It is for sale, so act quickly.
A black-and-white photo blog that is not devoted to the normal
A nice, rich set of Flickr photos and a Flickr user to keep an eye on in the future.
Interesting photos of fortune tellers in China
Models and interiors, how they used to do things
For those addicted to it, here is plenty of colour
Sweet Paul has started his every-day-a-new-craft-or-recipe-thing
Sites with great images: T and G Interiors and Eloquence
Hunting lodge in southern France
Curbed reviews holiday editions of shelter magazines and adds a pinch of snark
Photos from a home in Portland
Photography by Debi Treloar. Visit all the Interiors photosets.
An example Coveteur visit. Check them all out from the Coveteur home page.
3-D backsplash for pennies
The very first issues of very famous magazines
Check out the entries in the Apartment Therapy Room for Color contest
Some of us are more creative than others of us: Chairs for Charity (three pages)
There is no way to sum up this hotel in Paris
Lots of really good photographers here. Check out Magnus Marding and Idha Lindhag.
Looking for a place in Sydney?
Matte Black, anyone?
Who knew D.H. Lawrence painted windows?
For car lovers only
Cute in Portland
Interior photography by Mark Seelen
The kind of workspace we would all love to have
There are a lot of simple, beautiful things here
Simple, beautiful here, too, but it is all food-related in some way
The UK's Telegraph picks the twenty best interiors blogs
Older and Wisor will give you some ideas
Beautiful photography by Christie Hemm
Palazzo of Italian jewelry designer Osanna Visconti di Modrone
New Australian online magazine Est covers the globe
Vintage ad agency photos, real but not quite as glamourous as that television show. Why is there a dog on the meeting table?
There is a Pyrex museum out there
A little bit of all kinds of things here
What is the world's favorite color? Find out here.
Interior styling by Hilary Robertson
Kevin Sharkey reviews Muriel Brandolini's book
See the studio of artist Tenka Gammelgaard
Eulalie's Nursery is beautiful
Photography by Andrea Ferrari
For laughs: Catalog Living
Database of the murals in Philadelphia
London in the 1960s
Ever wonder about clothing prices and practices? Read the second answer here
Chair re-upholstery how to
The work of India Mahdavi
Henry Wilson rethinks things
Bouvier-Kennedy Wedding photos
A passion for ceramics
How to go about doing 35 household chores. How to make the bed!
Fashion, meet Home Depot. Follow the wrk-shp link in the article for many more photos.
Repurpose or recycle your old mattress
Interior photography by Mai Linh
Hanging out in an Airstream without intending to go anywhere. Unrelated: the Cricket trailer.
Read the moving story of how Mindy was saved
They could not find what they wanted so they created a vintage bazaar. Do not skip the slideshow link.
Their commitment to minimalism is admirable
In Buffalo: the old central station
In Berlin: Malin Elmlid
Casa Talia is a set of vacation small houses in Modica
Marrakech homes for sale, with photos and most with price tags, from Curbed
Nice place to live in Brisbane, Australia
Another cool place in Australia with art all over the walls
It is 1963 and the Beatles go to the beach and almost no one knows who they are. Four photos from that day.
Kevin Sharkey reviews the book Exotic Taste. The Chinese cabinet of mirrors!
Flickr user Midcentarc's photo sets let you relive the middle 20th century
Worth bookmarking: Holmberg Everyday Living
Photographs from old San Francisco. Click any dot to see photos of past events/things/people/buildings on that spot.
The live/work line is blurry in this home. Check the slideshow after reading.
Lady Bonin's (traveling) Tea Parlour. You may have to scroll down to see the photos or the content of any other link you click.
Two photo blogs worth bookmarking: (1) STIL Inspriation and (2) Riazzoli
Karen and Avril's home in Auckland, New Zealand, complete with fat pet rabbit
Remember the Eastwood Mall?
You could drive right by and never know a a man cave is hidden inside
Vintage and modern, nicely mixed
Nice minimal/historical home in Tel-Aviv
What a gorgeous, homey cottage! The home of Jane Cabrera. Her blog is here and has more photos
Lonngren Widell's interior photography
Interior photography by Nuria Vila
A shop in Gotland, Sweden
Found a blog called Modern Country, from Norway
Street Etiquette weighs in on the guayabera
Ornamental Passions is a blog devoted to the finer details in urban architecture
Single Guy Style. Not just a mancave.
From animal shelter to Alpine vacataion home
A couple of Selby visits, one older one and a newer one
Color in Morocco
The 1950 Johnson Wax Research Tower, designed by F. L. Wright (yeah, that guy)
Home visit to two ladies who sew men and collect some nice things along the way
The home of architect Pedro Useche in Sao Paulo
The designs of Kenneth Grange
Some nut who likes his employees fixes up a rental in Montauk. Do not skip the slideshow.
Vintage bread wrappers from the 1940s and 1950s
Vintage British wrestling posters, with links to more on Brit wrestling culture, there on the left
NYC, from 1930 to 1938. Wish they were bigger.
The stories behind famous baseball shirts
Related to the above: Displaying your collections
The studio of furniture designers at Doshi Levien
Some great ideas in this photoset of a makeover on a tiny budget
Cornell University Library has a large Flickr collection with some very old photos
Nice retro girl group fashion shoot from V magazine, if you like such things. (Click Launch the Story.)
DIY post on the Japanese Shibori dyeing technique. And another on bleach tie-dye.
Interview with Jonathan Burden, furniture restorer and antiques dealer
The Brander website shows, with words and photographs, brands and their creators
Fans of the movie Vertigo might (or might not) enjoy these photo comparisons of then and now in San Francisco
Lots of vintage in this day after the wedding photo set
Art Fitzpatrick created automobile art that you might recognize. Lots of examples here.
The guidebook for Disneyland from the year before it opened. Each image is clickable.
Mid-century aplenty in Borrego Springs, CA
Shoes for ladies from around 1939
If you like vintage wrappers and advertising, here be heaven
Magic City Modern is a very cool Birmingham blog. Thanks for visiting one of our stores. Please come again.
The Smithsonian has a large, searchable digital image database of old seed catalogs. A small set of beautiful examples.
From 1922, a brochure on How to Paint Your Automobile
Jeff Divine's surfing photos from the 1980s
A rescued set of Kodachrome slides and an essay. Go for the full screen view.
Interview with Thomas Wold. His blog has all kinds of links and images on it.
If you like small and/or prefab, these links are for you
Amanda Johnson on DecoMyPlace
In this home, a cool way to use old paint cans
Sweet Paul's summer issue is out
You have seen his work everywhere. Read the backstory here.
Do not know what they are saying but it is all very pretty.
Found another tumblr worth bookmarking: Not My Beautiful Home
A problem it might be fun to have but not sure about that bookshelf wallpaper idea
For fans of old B Westerns and Serials
NYSD visits Vincent Wolf
If you have not yet checked out Offbeat Bride, you should right now
Alec Hemer takes great photos
Snoop around in homes that are halfway across the world using the website of Swedish real estate agency bo-laget
Cool live/workspace in Milan, Italy
I never knew New York once had a skyport. New York in Black and White
The Selby is in New Zealand. one, two
Dwell does beach houses
Moby's home, built in the 1920s but very modern
Urban fashion blog Street Etiquette is very much worth bookmarking and regular visits
Barcelona, 258 square feet
Chezerbey does a post on their yard and its progress or lack thereof
An online museum of US soft drink cans to show the young folks
Fashion shoot at Disneyland
Natural wood and white studio in this autoplay slideshow
Unconsumption on pallet repurposing
How to upcycle an old beach towel into a new beach bag
Computers have an afterlife that hurts the planet
Graffiti exhibit inspires graffiti. Slideshow.
An intense labor of love restores an Eames chair
Tiny getaways. Click the link just under each photo to get the whole story.
Life in a firehouse
Mansion linked to The Great Gatsby is razed
Click the slideshow link after reading this story on a Japanese retreat that is part tent but "not a residence"
Carved into the rock face. Desert lodges with slideshow
Apartment Therapy is running a Small Cool contest, asking people all over the world to show off their small living spaces. And **you** can vote!
Japanese architect Jutok has a large flickr collection of Japanese architecture. Wow!
Alison Yin blogs and takes great photos
Convent to apartment outside Paris
Peek inside the Lucia Nova boutique hotel in Malta
Kevi Sharkey does an Easter basket survey
Photographer Kira Brandt has several portfolios. The Bolig portfolio is nice.
Trendland writes about home visits in Volkskrant Magazine
Remodelista does a 'steal this look' on a cool kitchen
Robert Dawson photographs libraries everywhere. About the photographs.
A review of the book "Undecorate" by Christiane Lemieux, with photos
Lots of old photos devoted to love and kissing. This one takes you way back.
Secretary makeover, with bonus table creation in a blog posting from Miss Mustard Seed
For no reason at all, a dog in a raincoat
Shipping container becomes a mod pad in this slideshow
A very colorful building in Bordeaux. (Slideshow. Hover mouse over first photo and click to navigate.)
Photos of PieLab in Hale county. What it is and requisite Facebook page.
Turns your carport into a party space
A tomato-can-clad house in Patagonia made of recycled materials
Owners of a shop named Dusty Deco have a nice home
Scans of an old typewriter sales manual from the Mad Men era. Note the lipstick/typewriter combo photo and laugh.
Before I Die project by Candy Chang
Apartment in Uruguay. Love that old stereo!
The photo blog of a long-time Disney designer, who seems to focus on the Disney of days gone by
Georgian house becomes a modern family home. Go for the full screen slideshow and note the awesome silver bed.
More vignettes/collections: One, two, three
Nice portfolio from MMR Interiors in New Orleans
Photographer Martin Lof has several worthwhile portfolios. Check out all the interior photo sets.
The website Art School Vets has a set of Faces and Spaces house visits. Click "Weiterlesen" to see more photos centered on each artists.
An abandoned building in Brazil in which lived, in 2006, "an estimated 1,630 people, including 468 families with 315 children."
Two spectacular examples of vintage items as part of everyday life. First, from the New York Times, American Rustic, with must-see slideshow. Second, from re-nest, Emily's home. Note the walls!
Rebecca and Derek's bicycle wedding. Crazy hipsters.
Photos from a 1958 Oxford boat race
Photographer Wijnanda Deroo. All sets are amazing but be sure to check out Mexico and Puerto Rico for the colors.
Tour a Sears kit home full of great decor in California. Be sure to click the 'House Tour' link for lots of photos.
New York girl moves to a tiny apartment and finds peace and happiness
In Madrid, an old garage becomes a fabulous office
Great photography from Daniel Lyle Thompson, especially the Ace Hotel sets.
Design to Inspire visits Hacienda San Angel: part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.
ClosetVisit is more than just the closets of stylish, creative, successful women. You get to see their homes, their clothing, their creations, and their chickens, too.
A young couple documenting the renovation of an old house in Seattle, doing all the work themselves: Chezerbey
Houzz is full of design ideas for any taste. You can browse by space/room on the left.
Photography by Frederic Vasseur
The home of Christina Aguilera is a wild mix of the gaudy, the tasteless, and, yes, the cool.
Irritating interface but cool photos from James Plumb in the UK
Interview with Chris Benz, with showroom photos
NYSD visits with Mario Buatta
Photographer Nicolas Matheus. (Each book scrolls right and left).
Interiors of private jets. Proving yet again that you cannot buy taste.
Auburn University has a new Industrial Design History website. Kudos! Very well done.
Airstream as work space, living space. Sure beats those private jets.
Wrecked Metals in Boise is "a hotrod and chopper shop". Lots of cool photos off the Current and Past Projects links.
Freunde von Freunden has a couple of new house visits with Jenna Brinning and Christiane and Marcus
The Kansas City Public Library has covered one wall of their parking deck with the Community Bookshelf. Larger photos can be found here.
How to clean brass using lemon juice and baking soda
From the old Boy's Life magazine, scans of Scouts in Action
Modernica Blog interviewed Lori Andrews
Felt and Wire is a blog devoted to design, paper, and printing
ACL declared J'Antiques in Tokyo to be the best vintage store in the world! Make up your own mind after viewing the photos.
Marie Claire visits a house in South Africa. (The button labeled "suivant" is the "Next" button for the slideshow.)
A fashion blog to make you think: Of Another Fashion
Martha Stewart alumna Margaret Roach retired to a 2+ acre garden, bordering the Berkshires in Massachusetts in 2007. Her blog is A Way to Garden. Her book blog is and I shall find some peace there and the video promoting the book makes it clear this is not another hippy chick - she's shown riding a very larger mower-tractor.
Married Martha Stewart alumni Stephen Antonson and Kathleen Hackett are profiled in this New York Times article and slideshow. Enjoy the mittens and the robot.
Faces everyplace. 2011 TED Prize Winner is anonymous artist JR. This video of his work will absolutely astonish you.
Interior photography by Roland Bello and please note that there are many pages to go to (upper left has page list)
Animals and people, by Robin Schwartz. All sets have a Slide Show link down on the bottom left. A set, and another , and another. Do not miss any of the other photo sets on her site.
People, places, interiors, and architecture from photographer Dominique Vorillon. Check out all images and portfolios.
The Doors visit the Morrison Hotel and the original Hard Rock Cafe in this photoset from the Selvedge Yard
Hazel Thompson's photographs of women, at work and at home, in Bahrain and Qatar. "I want you to see they're just like you. They're moms. They worry the same way we do.". More photos at Thompson's website
Life magazine's gallery of VW Bus photos through the years
Frank Hurley's color photos from Shackleton's nightmare Antarctic trip
Gauguin slideshow from the Smithsonian
In Copenhagen, a colorful potato row house
Gene Kelly was pure class and grace and here's a tumblr devoted just to him
A classy new cat tumblr starts up
It is art and it is functional in more ways than one. If you strike a woman, you strike a rock.
Don't skip the House Tour link! Young people on a budget still have a great little apartment in California. If the top picture doesn't grab you, what does?
Shorpy has a photo from the French Quarter in 1903. Click the View Full Size link for unbelievable detail.
Shelter Island House in the Hamptons: (1) story and (2) slideshow
New favorite: A blog that actually credits all its photos properly. A nice mix of fashion and decorating from No. 21
Bookshelf Porn editor's favorites
Panoramic/long exposure photos of Paris
A Berlin visit with Raul Walch from Freunde von Freunden
What $520000 gets you. Check out the funky New Orleans decor!
Funky place, complete with plastic vulture. More photos.
Longman and Eagle is in Chicago. Check out the slideshows on the Sleep and More pages.
The blog of stylist Emily Henson, who shows you how things are set up to look perfect
Bohemian decor in Marietta, GA.
Chatteau de Moissac in France. Tons of photos.
Detailed before and after photos of a bathroom remodel
Lots of brick and open space
The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, restored after half a century. Slideshow here.
It is not possible to ever get too much of Louise Brooks
Furniture made from old anti-submarine mines. More at the artist's website
Smithsonian Magazine covers the history of Sweetheart candies
Alexandre Farto chips away at walls to create faces
Check out the beautiful louver house from the Leroy Street Studio, then look through all their other projects
The Selby visits the home of Ben Ospital
The Bhamarchitect's Blog covers a house in Austin, Texas converted into a chic lounge. Here is the complete set of before and after photos
Yes, it is a tattoo parlor but it has great ambiance
Is that an I Dream of Jeannie bottle on that table?
Some great old photos of moms and mothers, with backstories
Belgian designer Alex Vervoordt: profile, home, works
Lots of interior brick walls. Be sure to click 'Enter House Tour' for all the photos.
Create a lamp and recycle, too
Chicago Bungalow renovation
Multi-part and on-going Hollywood renovation, each with photos
Vintage cheese labels: essay, slideshow. The Laughing Cow is not that scary.
Check out the decor in these igloos (which you can rent at this European ski resort)
In Mexico, the urbanization of Monterrey is captured in photographs by Alejandro Cartagena
TOGETHER! A family of four in a very small but well-appointed townhouse in Stockholm
Photography by Heidi Lender. Check out the decor in 'Once Upon' and then enjoy the beauty in all the other sets
Photography by Didier Delmas. Note the long scroll across the bottom of the screen.
New York Social Diary visits the home of "dandified" blogger/interior designer James Andrew
From Hermes themselves, a PDF showing all the ways to tie a Hermes scarf on your head or body
Mostly black and white. The Anouk B website is here.
Flickr group devoted to 1970s architecture and design. Once in, you won't come back out.
Monocle visits a community of craftspeople on a Swedish island
Apartment Therapy does vanities
A parking garage as a wedding venue
Apartment Therapy profiles a home in Vestavia! More background and photos here.
Vienna home in a police station. With slideshow
Indian Street Graphics. Story and slideshow
Apartment of a single man in an Athens suburb. He seems to be a very tidy person.
First project for a budding interior decorator
National Geographic photo set from the Paris catacombs
A visit to a Moroccan importer in New York City
Attic studio, Stockholm
In Berkeley, a zero-net energy backyard cottage
What happens to our cast-off clothing? Afrigadget has a story
New York loft of fashion designer Lisa Perry
Tiny story of a Craigslist find
Tiny places with great design in all parts of the world. Change photos with the arrows in the upper right corner of the story.
London in 1883
FIFTY vintage beer cans
Possibly more than you wanted to know about indoor (clothes) drying racks
A rumination on armoires
Photosets from Morocco
Andrea Brugi makes things out of wood. The entire website is a large slideshow so hover you mouse to the left or right until it becomes an arrow, then click.
An interior design project that took a lifetime: the home of Khadambi Asalache, who donated his amazing work to The National Trust in Britain. He passed away in 2006. Even more info here. [Thanks, things magazine]
The home of Lulu and Bunny. But you probably want to know more, right? Henault's upscale portfolio is here. He even designed for a yacht.
A remodeled small apartment in Mumbai, India
Strong opinion here and all the links are worth clicking to get at the details: Most Arrogant Designer Ever?
Scars on the landscape, and do not skip the slideshow
Pantone color of the year for 2011 is Honeysuckle
A couple of gypsy-style decorating posts: one and two, both from Espacio Vita
The Museum of the City of New York has put a lot of its old photographs online
DigsDigs selects the most colorful living spaces of 2010 and it is hard to argue with their choices
Architectural Digest shows you a rustic beach house in Brazil. Rustic is a matter of opinion.
The Guardian asks celebrity gardeners for their favorite walking spots. Links to their favorites are all worth exploring; The Lost Gardens of Heligan is quite nice, as is the very Wordsworthian Fountains Abbey ruins.
The home of ceramics maker Reiko Kaneko
William Waldron interiors portfolio
The National Media Museums has an extensive Flickr photostream
The history of a farmhouse on Broadway in New York City. Here's the Google street view.
Gold in the home, for those so inclined
Aqua-Velvet lists the Top 15 posts of 2010. The Japanese postcards are very cool.
The Big Picture continues to add photos as 2011 rolls in all over the world
Wacky old photos of celebrating
Nice use of midcentury modern furniture here
The colorful portfolio of Miles Redd. Love the blue floor.
The House of Honey portfolio. Check out the Altadena residence.
Sting and Trudie's place in Tuscany
Good tips on preserving old photographs and documents
This blog is full of very serene photos
Escape to North Dakota
Christmas at the mansion. Obviously.
Modern home in Atlanta
Old, new, and cat mix nicely
Decorating that is ridiculously awesome. Keep scrolling down.
Small loft decorating in Seattle
The architecture of Oscar Niemeyer. You may recognize his work.
Miss Mustard Seed shows off her dining room table
Trouvais profiles the book Stealing Magnolias.
Nice snowy photos from Norway
Visit a place where they make bamboo, rattan, and cane furniture
Flickr set by rubyellen
Tour of the home of interior designer Rafael de Cardenas
Maximalist Jessica Thomas, profiled here. This is her website
Gypsy purple surveys Christmas tables
Nice entryway decorations and a mildly amusing Google translation
Heather Bullard decorates for Christmas
Two beards, great designs from the Haslegrave brothers. On their website you can see their stylings and furniture designs.
Preserving the decay in Selma. Background here. Many more photos of the Harmony club in this dedicated site and in this flickr set.
One piece of very beautiful and very expensive furniture
Cia Wedin has several portfolios on her website and they are all good
Christmas decorations: one, two.
Tinseling the apartment house lobby, from the NY Times
Placid set of BW photos of Lyon, France. The snowy ones are the best.
For those with lots of surplus energy and time, a massive mantle garland thing
Warm and dark interiors from Moodboard
The home of Tatjana Sprick contains many unusual antique and vintage pieces. It all comes together to create a really livable home.
Christmas, stylishly done, in Norway
When it comes to Christmas decorating, saying "my process is a little labor-intensive" is an understatement for this guy
Why, yes, it does look both spacious and colorful
Interior photography by Heidi Lerkenfeldt
Discovered another new photo blog called You are the River, which lead to discovering the minimal apartment of Barbara Hill and this cool apartment
A real person, not a professional stylist, decorates for Christmas and it looks fabulous
Remodeling over ten years leads to a nice modern home in rural Pennsylvania
Ridiculously beautiful and functional: antique radio tuning dials
Wow is a good word for the interior photography of Anders Schonnemann. Also check out the other sets. If you're tired of the cold, look at the travel collection.
Stylings by Lili Diallo. A brief review of her new book.
Another set of old Kodachromes to enjoy
Interior photography by Magnus Marding
The New York Social Diary visits the home of architect/designer Campion Platt
Stylings by Joe Maer
Architectural photography by Alina Gozina
Tasteful and tiny apartment in China
Found a new blog, from an island in Finland
Andrew Grinton photography
Christmas photography by Sandra Aslaksen. Be sure to check out all the other photo sets.
Google translates this article as "Complete Raw Family Residence" but it probably should be cozy family home with industrial decor
For a change, a modern, understated approach to decorating for Christmas
Yard sales (called boot sales) in England are not much different from the ones over here
Interior photography of Mikkel Adsbol. Click 'View Gallery' to see more.
For goodness sakes, make your pets some of these treats for Christmas
The blog Raining Sheep has a couple of nice posts of holiday decorations. She's in Alberta, Canada and it has been -21C there. Also, check out her flickr photos.
A house you have to see, in Siberia
Dos Family visits a very tiny, vintage-draped place in Stokholm
Mixr.se visits artist Hartmut Bosbach in Marseilles (Google translation)
The Weld House takes old cars and trucks to create furniture, scultpure, and other useful items
Wanderlust Hotel in Singapore. Unique is not a strong enough word.
When you have read this and seen the photos you'll realize (1) no one can compete with this guy and (2) that there's a website for everything, including sheds.
Nice collectio of museum photos from Aqua-Velvet
Andy Barnes has two wonderful photo galleries
Katie Lydon Interiors. This is the Park Avenue photoset, so be sure to check out all the other sets in her portfolio.
Fiber artist Kay Sekimachi is profiled. There are six photos, too.
Architecture of Antoni Gaudi must be seen to be believed
Martha teaches you how to make blackboard paint in any freaking color you want
Pets on furniture. That is all.
Inside the 1950s beach cottage of Real Living editor Deborah Bibby, in Australia
Proper preparation for a pomegranate is presented. Step 1: Be sure to have the appropriate shade of nail polish.
Everything makes a kind of sense until you realize he lives with his mother
Insider photos from a Swedish wreath-making party. Bonus: another Scandinavian home laced with greenery and frost-covered greenery
Winter retreat with pale wooden floors and consistent colors throughout
Blogs worth catching up on and bookmarking: The House that Lars Built from Denmark and Mod Vintage Life from Oklahoma City
Architectural Digest answers style questions. Be sure to scroll the answers on each page.
Interior design by M. Design Interiors. Lots of color. Be sure to check out the Laurel Canyon set in the "Residential" section.
The portfolio of stylist Denis Bjerregaard. Each photo leads to a portfolio.
Anna Kern photography
Lonny Magazine does mantels
Vermont farm wedding with dog as ringbearer
Fur-wearing rich ladies with small dogs have always been with us. Photos from the early 1900s by Albert Kahn, with part two here
New York Times gets a first look at the Bergdorf holiday window displays. Best in full screen mode!
Paul Joseph Hopper's stylings
A photoset of bicycles in Iran with some beautiful surroundings
The stylings of Glen Proebstel. An interview and his company, which rents props to other stylists.
Lotta Jansdotter's studio in Brooklyn
Short slideshow about Gloria Vanderbilt before she was known as Anderson Cooper's mom
Ignore, if you want, his attire and look at his collection of bronzes
Pleasant photo tour of several blogs, from Gypsy Purple
Hey Home in Denmark. Go to the Features link to see lots of their projects. Color abounds.
Nostalgic for your bygone ship-building days? Here are lots of photos, then.
Dwell lists several free Google books worth a look
The Selby has a new visit up with Eileen and Mark in Venice Beach
Home of Heather Gratton, with links to more photos
Home of Sara Tuttle, with more here
Flag series by Sara Rahbar
Art judged degenerate by the Nazis rediscovered, with slideshow
Those are very large knitting needles and a very cozy home. (This is the Google translation.)
Waking from the American Dream - it is always nice to see a lot of these works of art again, with some context from Tony Thomas
Beautiful, colorful photographs show a tattoo parlor in Egypt
Upscale design by Smith Design Studio
Another way to clean silver? Can it really be this easy? More detail here with a chemical equation!
Lots of photos from Brazil (multiple pages)
Hardware for your castle or moat
Tiny apartment in London that belongs to Pippa Holt
Home and workspace of Elvira Bach
Family room makeover by Tobi Fairley
A lot of the images are not hers but she collects some good ones at Sanctuary, a blog
Be sure to look through all the portfolios and all the images at Dominique Vorillon photography. Do not miss Cuba or Gardens.
Mini house in Toronto, with slideshow
Video of sliding house in Suffolk. Supply your own adjectives.
Office design that remembers the history of the building by Medusa Group in Poland
Boho Luxe in Marietta, from Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles
200 square meter cabin located in the ski resort of Kvitfjell in southwestern Norway
Story of an epic motorcycle trip in the past, with photos here
Philippe Starck redesigns a Paris hotel
Nice room makeover for a grownup ten-year-old
Sounds like a good book on New Orleans
For fans of more spartan living quarters
Waste your day going through the portfolios of a large set of Scandinavian photo stylists at Svenska Stylistgruppen
Three designers create three model apartments, all based on movies, for a hotel in New York. The three apartments have slideshows here. All in collaboration with three Hearst magazines, to make it even harder to explain.
Watercolor landscapes by ZL Feng
"One day we will wake up and think ’I don’t actually want to eat somewhere that looks like my Grandma’s living room.“" T Magazine from the NY Times looks at London hedonism. A couple of places covered by the article that deserve a closer look are Rough Luxe (use the Imagery link) and 40 Winks.
Sergio Rodrigues, mid-century designer and architect is still going strong at 83. His website is a little disappointing, but his famous pieces are there.
From RUM in Denmark, Cool (home) offices
S&M club to Motorcycle club to the family home of the couple behind Sixx Design, covered in the NY Times in May 2009. Recent Coco+Kelley interview with the couple. The Sixx Design website is here.
The online magazine Covet Garden goes inside real people's homes and finds out what they think and do.
The home of producer Robert Evans in California
Latin modern in Venezuela
From France, an old farm house remodeled with lots of green and rose. Watch out for the purple bathtub.
Lots of chocolate-colored walls adorned with paintings.
The styling of Erin Martin fall just a little on the rustic side. Nice and comfy looking. The painted tire in the showroom is not something you see very often.
New Fall/Winter Tine K Home catalog is out. The settings they create for their products (in the first pages of the catalog) are very, very distinctive.
The House of Turquoise blog has a nice photo set up from John Willey Design. The photos were taken by David Jacquot, who has several nice interior photo sets on his website. The Willey website has many nice sets photos, with a before-and-after viewer.
How Moroccan carpets are made, with story and video
Swedish stylist Louise Svensson has a company called Guts. Black, white, and natural wood tones dominate.
Designs of Lo Bjurulf. The shy horse picture is nice.
This guy loves mid-century modern! Joel's Miami house tour. Be sure to check out the slideshow.
Inside a Chicago tannery. Surprisingly photogenic place.
A couple of nice interior photo tumblrs: Let's Find a Beautiful Place to get Lost and The Beautiful Soup
1010. Be sure to read the About 1010 page, then enjoy the photos.
Nice place to stay in Bali. The Panchoran Retreat's website has photos for each accomodation there.
Tobi Fairley's portfolio. The Glenwood house is colorful.
Wonderful restoration of an 1890 home on the Greek island of Nisyros
Architectural photography of Charlie Bennet
Interior photography by Greek photographer Vangelis Paterakis. The portfolio is huge: go to Portfolio, then Interiors. You'll see a long scrolling list of homes. 103 is quite regal; 026 looks like a nice place to live.
Think knitted jewelry is just hippie-wear? Read this, watch the slideshow, and see if your opinion changes.
That isn't L.A. in those photos! Landscape Architect firm Tom Leader Studio has Birmingham's Railroad Park front and center on their website, as pointed out on the Bhamarchitect Blog
Browse the book The Irish Country House. Easy to navigate with the > (next page button) in the top center of the screen.
Fall flower arrangements. #4 really does look like a painting.
Auto-play slideshow of Bill Kingston photography. His website: here
Atlanta bungalow, complete with rescue pug.
Now you regret throwing out all those old prescription bottles, don't you?
The portfolio of Arren Williams. He has an Ask Arren page, too.
The Swedish magazine Elle Interior has a Completely Incomplete article (this is the imperfect Google translation), highlighting things that reveal underlying structures we usually don't see.
In the early 1960s, Alexander Girard designed a mural for John Deere that was a "3-by-8-by-180-foot long multi-media timeline of biographical, industrial and agricultural artifacts." Here is the south portion and the north portion
Freunden von Freunden visits illustrator Olaf Hajek in the heart of Berlin. Google translation of the interview.
Janis Nicolay Photography. Her blog has a lot of photos and recipes. Today's pretzel recipe looks awesome.
No, it is not too early to discuss on-trend white shades for Christmas
The work of interior stylist Stella Nicolaisen
How did we come up with our color scheme? Darling, it was all the parakeets' idea.
The late Cora Ginsburg is remembered in this blog post from Interior Design Magazine. Her NY Times obituary makes her importance clear. You can get lost looking at the costumes and textiles on the company site and be sure to check the Ginsburg company's long list of costume- and textile-related links to discover things like the Royal School of Needlework and the Shoe Icons Virtual Museum. Titi Halle now runs Ginsburg's old company.
ONE BILLION DOLLAR HOME. Yes, all caps seems called for in this case.
Some of the Digital Photographer of the Year shortlisters. (That jackal was apparently attacking the puff adder, not the other way around.)
The Library of Congress on Flickr is a great way to see clothing, people, and objects from our past.
The photography of Candida Hofer. A google search for her photography is here
Halloween cranked up to 11 in a 1908 California Craftsman home
Country kitchens in France
Photography by Frederic Lezmi
10 kitchens, a very unusual home, and a gorgeous, comfortable house, all from Swedish site mixr.se.
There are paintings covering even the windows in the home of designers Dick Ridge and Rod Denault
All the same and not. Be sure to read the related article.
A rumination on Billy Reid. (Most of these photos came from Country Living.) Interview with Reid from January of this year. Reid lives in Florence, Alabama.
Dwell visits Peter Zumthor's chapel in the Alps. Don't miss the slideshow or this extra photo from Wikipedia
Vogue photographs of model Coco Rocha's apartment in Manhattan
Just a few cool, classic vintage motorcycle racing photos
The Interiors portfolio of photographer Hotze Eisma. Hover over a name or click a name. If you click a name, you can download a PDF with lots of photos. The Maarten Spruyt PDF is very interesting.
Nice blog The Beautiful Soup does what so few blogs do: each photo is credited and, when clicked, takes you to the web site it came from.
Elizabeth Roberts architecture. Too bad the photos are not bigger.
Secret Gardens of Spitalfields, a London neighborhood.
The Hoffers take great photos. There's nothing else to say. Here's Erin and Tim's wedding. Be sure to visit their blog and view the rest of their portfolio.
Lonny Magazine, an online magazine, has a new issue out.
The photos are gorgeous but you have to wonder what it is like living with all that orange.
And, from the same New York Social Diary site, the home of John Woodrow Kelley
The art of Scott Waterman
Real person deardaisycottage and her colorful decor via decomyplace.
Humlebaek House designed by NORM.Architecture in Denmark
Flickr groups to waste time on: (1) Vintage Bathrooms, (2) Vintage (and pretty chaste) Calendar Art, (3) Vintage Science
The portfolio of designer Sibella Court (wish the photos were bigger). If you start with the "Inside Out" set, you can cycle through all the photos. Ms. Court is well-known in Australia.
Adore Magazine of Australia. The Australian spring has everyone down there excited! Click the "Read" tab to thumb through the issue online.
The portfolio of decorator Laura Day
Archinect Magazine has a continuing series called "In Focus" that profiles various photographers of architecture
Nothing to do with antiques or decorating, everything to do with life: a young lady goes to the shooting gallery in 1936 and...
Some blogs to put on your watch list: (1) Covenger + Kester, (2) Sit and Read. (3) antikmodern. (4) Beauty Everyday
London florist Nikki Tibbles's website has four amazing galleries
The Brick House is an interesting blog with a $100 rule an attitude, and lots of photos. Be sure to read the FAQ to get the details. Here's an interview and house tour.
Inside the eccentric house at 1430 W. Berwyn in Chicago. Background here
Fall in the foyer from Birmingham blog Southern Hospitality
We're a little late to the party but here's intriguing blog A Collection a Day, 2010
In Baton Rouge, a house that gets modern, affordable, and liveable just right: Southern Greens, in Dwell.
Birmingham artist Walton Creel deweponizes the gun by using it to make art
Global photography from Iwan Bann
Design by Tim Clarke. No need to use links - just use your browser's long right-left scroll
Galleries at Australian site Homelife
Collections at Lost Found Art
An introduction to Soojin Kang's dressed-up furniture. Her website is here here
Apartment design by Lotta Agaton. This is Lotta's portfolio.
Introduction to David Hicks in Australia. His website link is this but it is easier to see his work in the article.
Photography by Olga Bennett (use small navigator buttons above the photos): (1) her environments project, (2) her spaces portfolio, and (3) her blog
Welcome Beyond hand-picks unique vacation homes all over the world. Be sure to do searches on Italy/Tuscany or Brazil or India. Once you find an interesting place in the search results, click it to get lots of detail and more photos.
Rosie Brown does everything. Here's her online boutique: Papastour, in Scotland. Look at her home in Scotland (just keep scrolling down).
The home of photographer Corbin Lee Gurkin. Those same photos with text. Her blog is here.
Lifestyle photography by Mikkel Adsbol. The Travel photos are worth your time, too.
NY Times profile from earlier this year, an antique dealer undergoes change. Background article here
A song more suited to Prince than Billy Idol: purple wedding
Just a nice set of photos from Deco My Place. The Deco My Place main site is here
Just another nice set of photos from Style-Files
Hope you're not tired of nice photo sets. Yet another from mixr.se
From New York, Nightwood furniture. Background here and a tour of their (old?) home here
The art of Olaf Breuning. Warning: look hard enough and you'll find dogs made out of gloves, cats in bikinis, and some nudity.
A Japanese restaurant in Ukraine, designed by Belenko, who have a very nice portfolio.
Click on the "book" links at Twig Hutchinson
Click the Photo Gallery link at Vicki Archer
Salon-style gallery is the phrase of the day. Be sure to view the slideshow, too.
Another nice photo blog to add to the list of favorites: Trouvais
Profile of a wood stacker
Interior Design in Ireland
Details and photos from ten New York Design Stores
Inspiration photosets from Dutch site vtwonen. Once you drill down to a specific set of photos, you may need to scroll down a bit to see the next and back buttons.
Photoset of the Selby's visit to the home of documentary film maker Albert Maysles and his wife Gillian
All about windsor chairs
Go here and watch the slideshow, then visit the 'Residential' and other photosets. They're all nice.
Intricate and delicate art from Margarita Fick
Old gas station becomes cinema. Be sure to read the INFO link at the top.
Check out the "Features" link at heyhome. Just click the first photo in the Features set, then you'll get a slideshow. The next button is a little slow so be patient.
Cote de Texas covers itaglios.
Nuevo Estilo covers bedrooms. Click ampliar to enlarge and cerrar to return to the slideshow.
Photo blog from Petra Bindel
French magazine Marie Clair visits a small but charming apartment
Simply defies classification but it is interesting
Mural Locator documents murals around the world. Use their map to zero in on a particular city.
Jake Curtis takes good photos. Be sure to look at all the Interiors.
A boutique trailer park in Capetown, South Africa. And, check out the totally unrelated Cricket Trailer
Camera Quest offers up classic camera profiles. If nothing else, check out the 1922 Wooden Swiss Pre-Leica 35mm or the Gold Argus A
My 2nd Life is another very nice Scandinavian photo blog
Miss Retro Modern's flickr sets. Check out Vintage Christmas and Your Swingin' Pad.
Antique phones at Old Phone Works. Need an orange phone? look here
1907 Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Arthur Rankham
"Before it disappeared the Duquettes' created an enclave of pagodas, pavilions, studios, and houses on which they lavished their many talents, collections, decorations, and magic." The story and unbelievable photos of The Empire above Malibu. More of Tony Duquettes' projects can be found here. Also, biographies, NY Times obituary, Google images.
Pamina, a view of the San Andreas fault, Frank Gehry and Ikea chairs living together peacefully. The home of Leonard Koren. Slide show.
Ruminations on the French magazine Maisons Cote Sud. The Cote Maison website is here.
Great photo blog from Paris, with lots of cats. You can never have too many cats. Neest
The story of the Grand Letar and more photos here
Intricate collage art from Colin Johnson
No idea how the interface works but click a photo, click again, and you get another set of photos. From photographer Morten Holtum
Note her shoes if nothing else in this cute home.
Be sure to check out all the interiors from Kelly Wearstler, not just this one and this one
Among all the others, check out the Bahama Saltbox here and the Paris townhouse here
Renoir's later works were controversial. Photo set here
Martha Stewart Living's creative director Eric Pike's home
More interesting than you might think: Blog devoted entirely to wine packaging
Abandoned Japanese army headquarters building in Shanghai becomes a hotel
Circus photos from over 100 years ago
Nice alternative bedside tables
Interior styling by Susanna Vento in Finland
Warning: a photo on a wall of this loft contains nudity. Spanish loft that mixes modern and retro
Oddity: Polo shirts made of porcelain commissioned by LaCoste
Interior photosets by Maira Acayaba are here. Residencial set #08 is very interesting.
Property rentals in France let you see how Europeans decorate. Use the properties menu to see different lists, then mouse-hover or click for larger photo. This house in Tuscany is nice.
A nice photoset of a home in Berlin
Style and workspace in 1500 square feet (Click photo to view short slideshow)
Big set of Scandinavian blogs with lots of photos: Sweden, Finland 1, Finland 2, Finland 3, Finland 4, Finland 5,
Picture of old Cushmans and background info here
Robert Whitaker Beatles Portfolio
Really nice one room apartment (the kitchen doesn't count?)
Herman Leonard Jazz Portfolio
From the New York Times, the tough side of design
A few new photos from Ditte Isager that focus on food
From flickr user katinthecupboard, a massive set of scans from old children's books (note all the sets on the right)
The Guardian has visited lots of (mostly Brit) writers' rooms
Cool examples of excess
A controversial art exhibition at the palace in Versailles features the cartoon art of Takashi Murakimi amidst all the stately excess. Coverage from PRI's The World and Huh Magazine show you what you need to know.
Profile of the work of Carolyn Quartermaine: part one and part two
Looks like a nice place to live [freshome.com]
Library of Japanese woodblock prints devoted to medical issues [asian.library.ucsf.edu]
Neat old set of kodachromes of a fishing trip [acontinuouslean.com]
Designs by Lars Bolander [cotedetexas.blogspot.com] (Bolanders' own website is here but is somewhat difficult to navigate.)
Some history lessons: (1) notebooks of famous men ; (2) back when the road trip required very careful planning [nytimes.com]
Interesting info on J Morgan Puett [finderskeepersmarketinc]. Much more about her in this New York Times article and on her own website
Interesting scrap and/or recycled furniture from Scandinavia and New Zealand [recreate.za.net and pietheineek.nl]
Old car brochures for car lovers [lov2xlr8.no]
From the UK, great antiques arrangements by Alex MacArthur here and here [alexmacarthur.co.uk] Click the first photo in a set and note the navigators at the very top of your screen.
Art from Peggy Wolf [peggywolf.com]
Town and Country portfolios from S.R. Gambrel [srgambrel.com]
Collecting...taken too far? [snoreandguzzle.com]
Great photo blog: Hilda Grahnat (from Sweden). (Her Flickr set loads a little faster than her blog.) [blog.grahnat.se]
Something new and contemporary just for a change. [contemporist.com]
Two wonderful portfolios from Hamilton Design Associates [hdanyc.com]
Click Portfolio, then click Interiors for an auto-play slideshow of the work of Emma Thomas [emma-thomas.com]
If you like hats here is heaven, I guess. [chapeauxbibitop.blogspot.com]
The work of photographer Stratis Vogiatzis is profiled here [yatzer.com] (Vogiatzis' website)
Victoria Montoro Zamorano's images of Cuba [escapeintolife.com]
You can do a lot with only two or three colors [plaza.fi]
Two great home slideshows from the New York Times: one and two [nytimes.com]
Pia Ulin has some new photos at the start of her "interiors" photoset [piaulin.com]
In Austin, a building goes from firehouse to saddlery to Palazzo Lavaca [statesman.com] (background article and Facebook page)
The Selby has a new photoset up from the home of Erica Wilson, embroidery designer, and Vladimir Kagan, furniture designer [theselby.com]
Click once to enter, then go to the "selected images" link at Tim Walker Photography to see lots of interesting interiors amidst all the whimsy [timwalkerphotography.com]
Love or hate Ikea, they do create interesting room designs [digsdigs.com]
See how others decorate and live in the Flick group In Residence [flickr.com]
Two blogs worth visiting: colourmethree.blogg.se; sweetpaul.typepad.com
Jonas Ingerstedt interiors click the slider line above the photos to move around [ingerstedt.se]
Two slideshows with a heavy emphasis on design: the iconic from mid-20th-century and the brand new Love the mixed couches in the second slideshow? [dwell.com]
Amy's condo and a short interview with Amy [apartmenttherapy.com]
Go to the Interiors photo set. Keep moving through the slide show and watch the personality of the rooms change. Peden and Munk [pedenmunk.com]
A New York condo that's full of art [nyspacesmagazine.com]
Tidy minimalism and not-so-minimal in Scandinavia [boligmagasinet.dk] click photos to advance
You don't have to agree with her decorating opinions to enjoy the photos she includes. Top Ten Design Elements [cotedetexas.blogspot.com]
Nice bright blog from Norway: ifralahell [ifralahell.blogspot.com]
They're all great and from Houston, TX. Just pick one of the categories in the light gray bar (Lighting is a nice one) and sit back. Chateau Dominque [chateaudomingue.com]
Beautiful and singular, from Australia. Scroll through her blog for all her creations. A Mark in Time [amarkintime.blogspot.com]
One of those amazing Flickr finds: slideshow (awesome colors and decor) of Mattie and Den's home sweet home somewhere out west. If you want to skip around, remember there is a slider when you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen. [flickr.com]
Pia Ulin's peaceful interiors [piaulin.com]
Check out all the photosets of designs by Emily Henson [emilyhensoninteriors.com]
Found a new blog Fish Food by Teri Lyn Fisher that has a nice mix of food, recipes, and interiors [fishfoodblog.com]
Classic and classy interiors from Janet Simon [janetsimoninc.com]
Swedish interior photographery from Patric Johansson and Magnus Anesund [soderbergagentur.com]
Design Sponge looks over playrooms [designspongeonline.com]
From Australia, lush distressed interiors: Debra Cronin Design [debracronindesign.com]
Inspiration photoset from Scandinavia: Mimou [mimou.se]
Workspace photoset from Lonny Magazine [lonnymag.com]
Nice tumblr with lots of cool interiors and architecture: The Things [things.konradolsson.se]
Interior photoset from Chris Everard [sarahkay.com] Note: the slideshow is **way** too fast, so you probably want to cycle through all 189 photos on your own.
Nice collection of home office photos [finderskeepersmarketinc.blogspot.com]
You keep asking yourself if this is really a catalog [tinekhome.dk]. If the catalog loads slowly for you, you can get a taste here [greigedesign.blogspot.com]
Displaying a collection [dwell.com] or a collection [livinginside.it] or a collection [livinginside.it]
Photographers: Otto Greule Portfolios-Architecture-Classical is very nice [ottogreule.com]; Quintin Lake's Iran portfolio [quintinlake.com]; Candypop's Home Sweet Home flickr set [flickr.com];
New favorite photographer: Simon Watson [simonwatson.com]
Ruminate on white [finderskeepersmarketinc.blogspot.com]
Old doors as room dividers [re-nest.com]
Blue everywhere [mixr.se]
Something different: Pink Fiction [livinginside.it]
Food/life photography by Aran Goyoaga [arangoyoaga.com]. Also visit her blog, where this photoset of the Basque countryside can be found. [cannelle-vanille.blogspot]
Bloom Magazine (from Europe) has a large photo archive online. Page 19 has something for everyone [bloom-magazine.eu].
Nice (neglected) blog by Karen Mordechai [karenmordechai.blogspot.com]. She seems to be doing some amazing photography at Sunday Suppers, like this set [sunday-suppers.com]
Nice interior design by Andrea Willson [freundevonfreunden.com]
Make your own Anthropologie table [designspongeonline.com]
Little house in rural New York [designspongeonline.com]
Blogs devoted entirely to turquois [houseofturquoise.com] and gray [greigedesign.blogspot.com]
A quilt of mercury glass links: one [homeworkshop.com], two [southernaspirations.blogspot.com], three [cococozy.com], Martha [marthastewart.com]
Photography from Philip Ficks [philipficks.com]
Danish mix of vintage and modern [rumid.dk]
Decorating with giant clam shells is about to hit big [willowdecor]
Take panel, add mirror [tineskreativehjorne]
$944/month, 178 square feet: Niche Design Love photo #6! [nytimes.com]
Photosets: Mirrors and consoles [eclecticrevisited]; Outside inspiration [aperfectgray]; Red [designlabyrinth]
Old farmhouse in Italy's boot [chicprovence]
Nice photoset from JadeBlade on DECOmyplace [decomyplace]
Vignette photo set from